AJ’s infectious energy will get audiences motivated, igniting sparks and shining

Simply One Spark

In this motivational keynote, AJ Sarcione, creator of The Shine Scale™, helps attendees realize that ‘it takes simply one spark to ignite the path to success.’ The keynote is tailored for each engagement, but maintains a focus on how possibility and positivity leads to performance. AJ brings people through storytelling that speaks to how we can ignite a path forward and continue to keep fueling it to release shine, weaving in a mix of his own personal growth combined with his head of mojo work at Yahoo/Verizon. Audiences learn they all possess the characteristics they need to have a shine mindset and how to apply tools to help to to unlock and unblock their shine potential. This keynote is great for audiences made up of peers and individuals, as well as for companies.

emcee & facilitation

AJ’s infectious energy will get audiences motivated, igniting sparks and shining

Emcee / Host

With experience hosting multi-day events to global meetings for CEOs, in front of audiences of all sizes from small groups to 15k plus, AJ helps make events, meetings and offsides shine.


AJ’s experience, which includes working closely with C-suite and senior leadership, to having facilitated sessions around the globe for employees of all levels, will help you get results from your working sessions.


Engage groups and teams in sessions that get people thinking, communicating, moving around and working together to create shine

Unlock & Unblock: Shining through your Breakthrough

A deep dive into the characteristics of shine, with activities and small group discussions to help attendees identify challenges and opportunities and build a strategy for success.

Make Your Story Shine

Develop a story that shines using vision to drive your narrative. With activities and small group discussions, this workshop provides a powerful tool for people at any stage in their career, especially those looking to make a career shift or who are re-entering the workforce after a period away.

Shine in Your First 5: Igniting your Career

How to stand out as you enter the workforce by using the characteristics of shine. Through activities and small group discussions students develop an understanding of the characteristics that will make them successful from their first job onward.

Leading a Team

Unlocking and unblocking what it takes to lead a team that has leaders building others while it builds them. This session will put the heart and mind characteristics that make up shine into action to help build a focus on vision-led leading and understanding patience while staying in control.

Shining Through Change

This workshop is designed for companies that are preparing for or undergoing integrations or transitions and are wanting to help their workforce prepare. It can be applied prior to layoffs, prior to or immediately following a merger, or for new or retiring employees.

Culture Activation

We work with companies and teams to activate cultures that shine

Need help with culture?


We offer quick-to-implement educational sessions that teach you and your company how to develop a culture that shines and puts frameworks in place for strategic and executional plans.

Employee lifecycle management

Establish plans that make your company shine from the moment someone first discovers it, to their on-boarding day and through the years that follow.


From manifestos to corporate narratives, we'll work with you on building everything from the brief that will empower great creative to developing the documents that codify what your brand is, why it exists and how the world will talk about it.

Dinner Parties

Creating conversation and connections among teams or strangers by engaging the heart and mind characteristics in dining experiences to build shine.


Developing the right run of show, bringing in the right speakers, creating the right events, and helping it all come to life in a way that has shining afterwards.

Do you know how much shine you have?

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The Shine Scale™ is a personality quiz that evaluates an individual's use of heart and mind characteristics resulting in their percent of shine.

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