AJ Sarcione is an international motivational speaker, intentional communications coach and corporate culture consultant, author, and the creator of the personality quiz The Shine Scale™.

His goal is to help people accelerate success and smile more as a result. As the founder of Get Your Shine, he believes ‘it takes simply one spark to ignite your path to success.’ He has lived out two major dreams and found accelerated success in his career and life from engaging the characteristics of shine. While being intentional about what he wanted, he welcomed it showing up in life in the way it was meant to - something he calls Unintentional Perfection.

He works with people and companies to advance careers, advance teams, and advance lives. AJ built his career in branding and communications, working closely with C-suite execs from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups. Prior to his work with Get Your Shine, he is credited with establishing and leading internal marketing at Yahoo, and following the company’s acquisition from Verizon, he was the head of mojo.

Instagram: @ajsarcione
Linked In: /ajsarcione



Intivine, Inc. is the company behind Get Your Shine, which makes people and companies shine.

The company uses a proprietary tool, The Shine Scale™, to take a data-driven approach to helping people unlock and unblock their shine potential to accelerate success. Backed by a team led by AJ Sarcione, a world-traveled speaker who was the head of mojo for Verizon Media and created and ran internal marketing at Yahoo, the company offers various services for shine development across people, brands and products.

The company's global experience has built and led employee engagement, internal events, internal brand, internal comms, change management and organization development.